Tuesday, 12 October 2010

10 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

10 different methods you can use to promote and grow your Facebook community:

1. Promote your page with a widget

It sounds easy enough but I can’t tell you how many people still don’t do this. You can integrate facebook with your site using the “Like” widget. People who visit your blog won’t know that you have a fan page until you tell. Don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to convert your blog readers into facebook fans!

2. Put up a featured discussion in your LinkedIn group

If you don’t have a LinkedIn group for your industry, make one. It’s your way to demonstrate your expertise, thereby driving business to your company.

This discussion can lead to opening the doors to a higher level of customer service that you might not have otherwise had.

3. Link to your Facebook page on your LinkedIn profile

One of the best places to promote your facebook page do that is in the description of your current position. When you describe your position and the company, put a hyperlink to the fan page at the bottom of the description.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you should get one. Linkedin is one of the best ways to network on a global basis and draw business to your company.

4. Put your Facebook page on all printed (Outbound) Marketing

You wouldn’t send out marketing without your company name would you? So don’t forget a mention of your facebook page. All it takes is one line in a prominent location.

5. Put your Facebook page on all Social Media (Inbound) Marketing

The same reasons apply here as your Outbound Marketing. It’s a way of “covering all your bases” and making sure that you reach the widest group of people possible. A great way to do this is by sending a tweet out every so often on Twitter asking your followers to also become your fans.

6. Leverage your video blog

Video blogs are also one of the hottest ways to connect with clients and prospects. YouTube allows you to annotate your video with links that you can use to link back to your facebook page. If your video starts to gain traction on YouTube this link can translate to significant inbound traffic to your fan page.

7. Link to your facebook page from your info box

It makes me sad to see the many people that fail to use this valuable facebook real estate for any good. Instead why not throw a link in there to your facebook page.

Don’t be afraid to include a call to action as well, something like: “Join me in the facebook flow facebook page!

8. Email your way there

Build awareness about your facebook page in your email signature by include a hyperlink to your fan page. Now every person you email will have a link to your facebook page, and over time you this will effect an increase your fan base.

9. Create a welcome tab for your facebook page

To create a landing page for your facebook page you will need to know some basic html, and you will need to use the static fbml app.

10. Let your website do the talking

You’re already adding value to your company website by having a blog section, so up the ante and mention your fan page in directly within your content. Don’t be afraid to come right out and ask people to join your facebook page. By the way, you really should join the facebookflow fan page. ;)

When all is said and done, think outside the box. Facebook Flow has a facebook page and even I have a Facebook Fan Page. What is your facebook page? Let us know in the comments below and feel free to share your tips for getting more people to join your page!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mili and Paul

Thank you very much for these tips, I'm certain that they will prove very useful indeed, just got to implement them now...

Lawrence Henson

Peter said...

Mili, this is great value tuition as always. No Fluff, just stuff that delivers from a lady who Walks The Walk. Many thanks, will look out for you tips.


Bruce Bird said...

Good stuff, Mili.
We recently fired up our fan page at - currently grappling with FB non-help to find how to claim our 'vanity name'.
Can you point us in the right direction?

David Guion said...

This is very timely. I have recently set up my own page!/pages/All-Purpose-Guru/153228204688867 and need to grow it.

Carol Trickett said...

Thanks this is great stuff. I've learned a couple of tips that I wasn't aware of.

Myles McCaffrey said...

Just seen this, but better late than never. Great info, just fired up all our blogs with Please join us on Facebook with all of your W123 experiences.
Great tip Milli

Mili and Paul said...

Thanks for you comments Myles I will take a look at your facebook page, hope to see you here again soon.

Sharron said...

I thank you Milli for the information. I read about your success in the book "The Laptop Millionaire" by Mark Anasiasi. My facebook page is my website is blog

Mili and Paul said...

Thank you for your comments I am glad you enjoyed the book

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