Friday, 18 June 2010

How to Remove Inactive Tweeters From Your Account

Today I want to share other little tips with you for free

Twitter has a low retention rate, so it’s highly likely that
some people you have selected to follow in the past are no longer active.
You may want to unfollow inactive users to keep your following count down,
or in case the account on Twitter get re-released and picked up by someone else in the future.

It is one really simple free service that will help you identify inactive users you’re currently following.
It will show you who hasn’t tweeted of late, and give you the option to unfollow them.
You can choose to see who’s not sent a tweet over certain time periods.
90 days seems a reasonable span to consider an account abandoned
(although Twitter’s official guidelines give you 6 month’s grace).
You can also view 60 or 30 day options if you plan to be more aggressive in cleaning your follow list.

I recommend doing this twice a month and 50 people each time only.

Hope all this information is very useful for you.


Mel Classique said...

Hello Paul, thanks for this replacement for Refollow software which has packed a sad ? Have you a software to add Twitters to an account yet ? That would be appreciated.
BTW - the link you gave for Untweep can't be found by Web Search Internet Explorer.

Sally Neill said...

Thanks for this top tip will keep my twitter account nice and tidy, the correct link is think blogger added an extra part in link to make it an error.

Sally :)

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