Monday, 18 October 2010

Will people ever tire of Social Media?

You can say many things about Social Media but most assuredly you cannot say it's boring, lifeless; standing still. No, Social Media moves along at a breakneck speed.

To answer my own question - is that allowed?... I don't think we will ever "tire" of Social Media per se. There will be times in our lives of course when we all collectively say "enough is enough" and the need for more platforms and apps, etc will begin to wane.

And during the course of a given day I think all of us Social Media evangelists feel the need to step away from the proverbial cookie jar.

That's what I think... but I wanted to find out what others think; what others would say to the query: "Will we ever tire of Social Media?"

So I posed the following query on LinkedIn...

Will we ever tire of social media?
Like everything else, things come, things go... personally I dont think social media and acrt of being social with folks will never truly ever go away.

But I can see the time when folks en masse start saying 'enough is enough.'

How about you?

What do you think the future holds for social media?

Here's some of the far ranging and fascinating replies I received...

"When the next big thing comes along, social media will be tossed aside... Until then, for many, it's a great way to market one's business... Time for humanity to start communicating with one another verbally or we'll end up with a new bunch of workers who have no idea what it means to actually talk with someone..."

"...blogs are likely to never go away....We have a new medium for the masses to be heard....but then, never say never"

"If by Social Media you are referring to web sites and tweets, then yes we will eventually get tired. Just as we did with communicating thru newpapers or fax machines. The art of being social won't go away. The tools that we use will change."

"No, what we will get tired of is social media that at the end does little or nothing to our social and professional life."

"Social media will be mature (and maybe we will be, too) when we no longer think about it, use a name for it, break into a cold sweat worrying if we understand it, pretend we understand it better than anybody else does, or salivate with anticipation about the riches it will bring us."

"People haven't tired of television, and I see no reason people would tire of social media."

"I tire of it weekly. So I take a few days off and when I return, it's kind of fresh again."

"Was Radio tossed aside for TV?! Was TV tossed aside for Internet?! Ridiculous."

"Social media has always existed it just had another name "word of mouth" the internet only broadened the boundries and increased the speed of the info..."

"Hey - I get tired of working - but still do it. Get tired of being a mom - but still there:) Tire and doing don't always go hand-in-hand:---)"

"Nothing is constant except change. And people are already asking what next? No sooner the next medium pops up the social media will go in hibernation. Having said that Social media ( networking by fingers) should get replaced by Telepathy - networking by minds in not so distant future.."
Hands down that last one was my favorite answer. Networking by minds is a very scary proposition because it all depends on which minds are doing the networking. Of course if Mr. Spock can do the vulcan mind-meld anything's possible.

But I digress...

What do you think?

Will YOU ever tire of Social Media?

Are you tired of it already?


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