Thursday, 25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Although we do not have "Thanksgiving Day" in the Europe, we
would like to use the opportunity to thank all of you so much for
your help, support and contribution in the past year

It has been an amazing year of challenges and opportunities and
we feel very blessed to have shared it with you!

I happened to be reading Wayne Dyer this morning and there are
two quotes that I would like to share with you today

"Change your Life by constantly choosing to be in a state of Gratitude"

All This Time
The Sun Never Says To The Earth
"You Owe Me"

What Happens
With a Love Like That
It Lights The

Have a great day
Paul & Mili


Greta Jourdane said...

Dear Mili I hope you and Paul havr a wonderful thanksgiving, I want to thank you so much for sharing with me at the WTS on the Gold Coast in August and from then on. Since then Ive joined Gsneak snd grown my twitter followers, Im amazed at your story of your father loosing his money and how you helped him back on his feet again your a wonderful daughter for doing that and a great person and I admire you so much. I love recieving you emails everday too. Thankyou very much Have a great new year aswell. Greta Jourdane :-)

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