Sunday, 5 December 2010

5 Tips to Rock Twitter like The Beatles

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media channels today. And in the marketing world, Twitter can reap serious benefits to companies large and small if used well. If Twitter is part of your social media strategy and initiative plan, taking a few simple tips to heart can help you succeed on the channel. Taken from the “10 Tips to Rock the Twittersphere” here are the first 5 tips you should integrate into any Twitter activity in your social media content. To all you Beatles fans: enjoy.

1. Provide value. In a sea of more than 65 million tweets a day, how are you making your voice stand out deliver value that draws people to you?

2. Leave room for the Retweet. On Twitter, the retweet is one of the sincerest forms of flattery. Keeping your content short enough to retweet means followers don’t have to take the time to tweak your message to share it.

3. Don’t shy away from showing personality. We’re all people behind our Twitter handles. That’s what makes the channel so personal, fun and interactive. If you are running a personal account, personality is crucial. And if you are running a corporate or organizational account, personality is highly recommended.

4. Embrace the hashtag. We all have to curate the most important information to us in different ways on different channels. The Twitter hashtag is one of the best ways to sort content, or Tweets, into buckets of similar topics. Find hashtags valuable to you, follow them, and use them when appropriate to add to the stream. Whether you like the humor of #socialmediacrush, need the utility of #bargains or want to help advocate that #cancersucks there’s something out there for everyone.

5. Insert links. 
Sharing a thought is great. Sharing a resource is even better. Insert links in your Tweets helps share resources in more than 140 characters and secondarily helps you to see what content is most interesting to your followers with link shortening click data.


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