Monday, 31 January 2011

Top 10 tips to get started making money quickly

We have just spent an amazing weekend at the Ultimate Facebook Seminar with over 500 people there for each of the four days!

One question that was asked of all the speakers at the speakers panel at the end of the weekend was, “what is the one piece of advice you would give to the audience to help them succeed online?”

We have the top 10 tips for you so that you might pick up a golden nugget or two here that can help you on your way!

1.Don’t wait until tomorrow to get started, take your very first step today whatever that is for you.

2.Find a supportive peer group of people that you can contact and support that you may have met at an event.

3.Don’t over plan what you are going to do, just do it now!

4.When taking action, make sure it is MASSIVE action and keep taking action until you succeed.

5.Set yourself realistic targets like when you will make your first $10 online,
don’t try and make $1 million over night!

6.Have a higher purpose for the money you intend making so you don’t end up constantly chasing the money.

7.Invest in your education!

8.Make sure that you invest in a proven system and don’t try to improve it or change it, just follow it step by step until it works.

9.Get a mentor who can guide you and who has walked the path already

10.Reduce the time you spend watching tv or better again turn if off permanently!!

We really hope this helps!


Anonymous said...

Great Advice

Heres another tip


Be the Best!

Simon (Net Millionaire)

Neil said...

Nice one, I was at the seminar too.

I have a radio show all about internet marketing, and I am looking for good people to be on.

John Podgorski said...

Cute animation and great content.
Thank you so much.
I was watching your Social Media webinar. Impressive!

John Podgorski

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