Friday, 25 February 2011

How-To Become a Kick Ass Blogger

Becoming a kick ass blogger is something many of us are trying to accomplish either personally, professionally, or both. The problem is that millions of people and businesses now have blogs, the good the bad and the ugly, and they are all competing with you for subscribers, comments, and overall attention. So the question is, what can you do to stand out from the crowd?

What should I write about?

Become your audience: What I mean by this is simple. Determine who your customer is, give him or her a name, and deliver them the content they are wanting to read. If you typical customer is female, age 28-42, married with 1.2 kids, watches the Food Network and reality TV, and is generally interested in family activities then write about topics that interest that person. Remember, not everything you write has to be directly tied to your product or service. Simply becoming a resource for your audience, developing trust, and keeping them coming back to your site is a benefit, both long term and short.

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How do I get more comments?

1. Ask questions

2. Be Controversial

3. Leave part of the topic untouched

How can I get more people to find my blog?

1. Use the search tool to determine what keywords/phrases are most searched for your area of expertise.

2. Use those keywords in your page title, page URL, headers & body, and the description of the blog. This will help your SEO.

3. Use email marketing, both to your list and relevant rented lists. Offer these people something for joining such as a white-paper, eBook, free trial of a product, discounts, etc.

4. Publish your blogs on third party sites within your industry. This will expose your company, blog, products & services to a much larger audience. This also helps you establish authoritative back-links to your site which greatly enhances your SEO.


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