Thursday, 10 February 2011

Jairek Robbins LIVE unmissable opportunity!

Jairek is a world renowned speaker and leader in the personal development industry. All the way from San Diego, USA, it is Jairek's very first appearance on our webinar series. Expect a high-energy presentation that will inspire you to create an extraordinary quality of life and business.

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He has advised and consulted with Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers and sales professionals in the areas of personal and professional achievement and sales mastery.

For a 2-year period of time he traveled 48 weeks a year speaking to over 400 companies, giving presentations and running training programs throughout the world.

Having Jairek speak at this event is a real coup, an opportunity not to be missed. Focusing on mindset and motivation for business success, he helps people realize their business and personal potential.

After 11 years of studying the personal development industry and testing just about every strategy he could get his hands on (and not to mention 26 years growing up in the industry), Jairek is going to be sharing with you "WHAT WORKS!"

At our webinar Jairek will show you how to create a specific action plan in living your version of an Extraordinary Quality of Life and Business.

By the end of Jairek's 90-min power packed talk, you will be inspired from his message and you will also have a real plan of action on how you're going to go out and turn your dreams into reality!

Jairek is simply amazing!! I'm proud to say that he is my coach and he has inspired me to do far more than I ever believed I was capable of.

I know that having Jairek as my first speaker will set the energy levels, raise motivation and set the highest standards for the day.

This is an incredible and unmissable opportunity to hear Jairek

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