As much as I love Twitter it can sometimes really turn out to take up more of my time than it should. Here is a list of 5 amazing tools I am using which can help you to bring down your time spent, yet without trading in on the impact you are making:

1# Manageflitter – Get rid of some Twitter Noise

In order to get started on Twitter we have to follow people. There is nothing new about it here. Yet once you followed a large amount of people it can be quite hard to see clearly on your timeline again. This is where Manageflitter comes in.

It lets you easily unfollow all those Twitter users which make no sense for you to follow: The inactive ones, the ones that don’t follow you back or the loud mouths cluttering your stream.

The best bit:

Manageflitter’s UI is pretty awesome I like to believe. No signup process is in the way. Connect your Twitter, unfollow some and off you are on your way breathing a little easier.


2# Buffer – Stop annoying your followers

Now, that you can breathe a little easier on Twitter the least thing you and I want to do is to clutter other people’s timelines.

This is where Buffer is super handy. It is a nifty App that allows you to add lots of tweets to your Buffer, which will be sent out for your well spaced out during the day. This means there is no hassle of scheduling individual tweets and you never overwhelm your followers with too much information at once.

The best bit:

You can add tweets to your Buffer from any page with one of the browser extensions (Chrome, Safari or Firefox), which makes it even simpler to put tweets in your Buffer.

3# Twoolr – Full analytics for your Twitter account

Although there exist lots of different Twitter Analytics tools out there Twoolr is definitely my favourite one. It gets a thumbs up for both UI and features

With Twoolr you can easily see usage trends emerging around your Twitter account as well as get an overview of your growth stats and handy word clouds for terms you use most within your Tweets.

Best bit:

Twoolr allows you to have customized community reports being sent straight to your inbox, which is a definite winner for anyone not wanting to go back to yet another account.

4# Tweriod – When are your followers online?

Tweriod is listed here as it is a minimal webapp that does one thing for you and it does it very well. It gives you two beautiful graphs showing you when your best times to tweet are.

The app takes all your past tweets as well as those sent by your followers and analyses them. It works out at which times of the day you can reach the most of your followers being active. You can then receive graphs showing this for both best days of the week and times during the day.

Best bit:

The best part about Tweriod is certainly the algorithm it is using. There exist plenty of other tools out there telling you “the best time to tweet”, yet Tweriod really goes one step further by analyzing your followers tweets too.


5# Twilert – Never lose track of your brand on Twitter

To explain Twilert in just one sentence: It is Google Alerts only set up for everything going on on Twitter.

In a very intuitive manner the App allows you to set up search terms you want to monitor and you will receive a daily report straight to your inbox at a set time each day. It has a slick interface and does what it says – solidly and reliably.

Best bit:

The best part is definitely Twilert’s advanced search option. You can set the language or specify which people talk about you. Or even determine which attitudes used should be monitored, such as “negative” positive” or “ask a question”.


Using these 5 tools helps me a great deal to bring up my efficiency, without trading in on the impact I am having. How about you? Do you think they could help you out too? Let me know below