Sunday, 29 May 2011

Twitter: How to Optimize Your Content

So you are present on multiple social media platforms and have a select group of people who you talk to. Likewise your Linkedin account also doles out great deals of advice on your industry and about opportunities at your firm, but then what is Twitter doing for you?

Have you too discarded it as a complex device with 50% inactive users worldwide, or you felt that your words don’t add to your presence online? It's time you change that philosophy and start tweeting. If you are a newcomer reading this article I suggest you go through my feature for those just Starting on Twitter. Once your basics are clear and you are ready to give Twitter a go, keep the following in mind:

•Talk about experiences, views, opinions that are central to your brand or personality. So if you are a brand that’s into hygiene, talk about anything that relates to aspects that are averse to your brand's central belief, e.g. - corruption, dirt, scandals, etc. Ensure that your talk is contextual to your brand and not far away from what it believes in. Also, ensure that it is relevant to what is being spoken in that point of time in the newspapers or television.

•Be funny. When you are funny, people not only like what they say they also share it. So when people know it’s you who is saying this stuff they want more and listen. This causes your word to be spread and increase your reach within the network that you have established. This is a ROI.

•Ask questions so that people respond. Remember mentions? Yes people responding to what you say will increase your mentions and thereafter increase the network your tweets reach out to. Each time you ask a question you also have the chance to receive views and opinions that people have about you. Now that, too, is ROI.

•Make it a habit to tweet. Do tweet each time you have something interesting to say or share. If possible tweet at least 5-8 times a day and remember to spread what you share. Don’t tweet 6 times in a row. Tweet with well spaced intervals or else people will be bored and unfollow you. Also, do not share information that’s been shared before or is apparent.

•Use major trends to your forte. If you see something that is a trend and that can be used for your brand, add it to your tweets. Use trends only and only when they make sense and have a brand fit and never otherwise. Also never use trends in each tweet.

•Leave trails. Leave links to your twitter profile every time you make a blog post or a comment on the World Wide Web. This is if people agree to what you have said they will also like to hear more from you.

•Make it a habit to respond to those who follow you. Thank them or simply follow them back. As a check you may also ask them as to what encouraged them to follow you. But remember its good etiquette to thank those following you.

•Retweeting is a fantastic option to use to share information. But if you are retweeting someone be courteous enough to use their twitter handle to show the source. This is something you would like others to do for you as well. So its important to put things into practice.
These are just a few simple tips to get tweeting but tweeting efficiently. Remember they are several people who tweet but few who make sense and drive content passionately. The ROI on Twitter is multifold, but only when you are doing the right thing.


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