Monday, 23 July 2012

Manage Your Google+ Page with HootSuite

A community manager's job just got a little easier, thanks to HootSuite. Announced on their blog, HootSuite now allows you to manage your Google+ Page on their platform. This is a huge step towards bringing all your social media management needs into one robust dashboard.

As a Google+ Pages Development Partner, HootSuite is one of the first social media management tools to integrate with Google’s social network, alongside the other launch partners Buddy Media, Context Optional, Hearsay Social, Involver and Virtue. Up until today, only select partners could take advantage of this feature. This forced the rest of us to update Google+ from the platform itself, complicating the already numerous social platforms that need constant management and upkeep for your brand, business or nonprofit.

What Google+ Features Can Community Managers Look To Utilize

  • Manage your individual circles and overall community via the HootSuite dashboard
  • Target your messaging based on your existing circles on Google+
  • Utilize the the unique aspect of Google+ circles for advanced team workflow functionality
  • Schedule your shared content for Google+ ahead of time for a streamlined experience
  • Streamline your Google+ efforts, alongside Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and more

Share with us below how you’re using Google+ to connect with your audience. How will the HootSuite dashboard improve your outreach efforts on Google+?


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