Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Google+ features update

Google are ensuring they keep up with
the social media pack with their new personalised notification features.
Similar to the Facebook ‘hide
feature, Google+ users can now decide which circles they receive notifications
from. This is done through using the volume sliders in an attempt by Google to
improve the ‘signal-to-noise
ratio on the social network
’. Along with this, a feature has been added
enabling users to send emails out to certain circles when they update their
account. This helps to further share one’s information, especially among more
‘select circles’.

Google Product Manager Austin Chang
described the new ways Google+ users can share and discover information in a
recent blog
. Chang makes it clear that the purpose of the features is threefold; to
keep users updated with relevant content through the sliders, to enable the
ability to mute other users and to make it easier to share information with
select circles through the ‘Also send email’ box. The move has finally brought
the network in line with the current Facebook model and Google+ users have
largely accepted it, as well as positing certain other additions.
This marks another successive update
from Google who look to be fulfilling some of the potential of their network.
Whilst at this stage it seems to be mostly keeping up with Facebook, Google+
does have the potential to greatly expand. With Facebook keen to boost revenue
at present, due to their plummeting share prices, Google could be quietly
working on their network to give its users the features they require. This has
already seen the custom
be added and more are hopefully soon to follow.


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