Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Businesses Can Now Interact With Users Outside Their Circles On Google+


Businesses with Google+ Pages can now comment on, +1 and share posts made by users who are not within their circles.

Businesses will be able to increase their Google+ following thanks to the change, which was made on Friday, by targeting and interacting with users who post updates, articles and information relevant to their products or service.

There are concerns that some will abuse the service, spamming other users with replicated messages or direct advertising. However, the freedom the update allows business suggests that Google+ trusts them to use it responsibly.

Of course, responsible use is within a business’s best interests, as users will be unlikely to follow companies which spam their Google+ feeds.

The update was first noticed by Google+ user Talking Moose Media who posted about the discovery on their Google+ page, noting the ability to plus mention personal profile pages.

The Next Web reported the update, receiving confirmation correspondence from Google:

“We’re always experimenting with new ways to make the social experience more organic. As such, Pages are now able to comment freely on posts of interest to them. We think this provides a better sharing experience for pages and profiles alike. For example, if someone praises their favorite bakery on Google+, that baker could now say thank you to that customer, right in the stream. Or if someone posts about a customer service issue, that business could reply directly, providing a better user experience.”

Do you think your business can benefits from this Google+ update?


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