Wednesday, 30 January 2013

TweetPing Pinpoints Tweets In Real-Time


Website TweetPing, the brainchild of front end developer Franck Ernewein, tracks the World’s tweets in real-time, displaying each one as a pinprick of blue light on a map of the Earth.

The site starts tracking tweets every time it is loaded, registering each tweet posted on Twitter in a counter, as well as tallying each of the five most populated continents’ tweets separately.

North America, South America, Europa, Africa and Asia compete for the highest tweet count, with Asia having the added allegiance of Australasia.

Each word and each character is also tallied, with a bar chart beneath registering the regularity of each continents’ tweets and the World’s in total.

imageThe most recent hastag and the most recent mention are listed beneath, constantly changing as more and more tweets are posted.

A pie chart to the bottom left of the screen monitors which continent is posting the most tweets. As you can see, at the time of writing (11:20 GMT) Asia and Europe are ahead, with North and South America still slumbering.

The table at the bottom of the screen which displays all the information pertinent to the map can be toggled on or off the screen.
As each tweet is posted, it pops up to label the part of the World where it originated, appearing only for a fraction of a second. Of course not every tweet pops up, rather, as many as can be processed in time.

In one minute roughly 2,500 tweets were registered on TweetPing, equating to 150,000 tweets an hour being sent worldwide.

The site has no obvious application in the business world, as it maintains no record of the data it compiles except the blue dots. However, were the information to be recorded somehow, companies could monitor the adoption of their hashtags by twitter users, or discover which hashtags were trending.

Of course, the site does display which areas of the World are most active and when, which many may deem useful, but it is not particularly surprising information as, not only is it available elsewhere, but it is obvious: continents are more active in their daytime.

This should take nothing away from the site, however, as its attractive method of data tracking is almost hypnotic.

Can you think of a practical application for the data TweetPing compiles?


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