Friday, 8 February 2013

Twitter Updates App, Improving Search And Discovery

Twitter has updated its app for iOS and Android devices, as well as its service on, so that users can find content faster.

Information in the Discovery tab has been consolidated into one stream, with tweets, activity, trends and suggestions all together. There are also preview pictures of activity and trends at the top of the page for quick clicking.

The most relevant Search results are also contained in one stream, regardless of whether they are tweets, photos or accounts, and the omnipresent search button, previously only available on Android and iPad, has been introduced to the iPhone.

The default setting on the Connect page is focused on interactions, but if a user wants to see their mentions they can select “mentions only” in the Connect settings tab.

Links have also been improved, so that clicking on one will take you to the site immediately instead of enlarging the Tweet first.

“As always,” says Director of Product Management Esteban Kozak on the Twitter blog, “you can learn more about what’s new in our mobile apps from the App Store or Google Play.”

What do you think of the update?


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