Monday, 25 March 2013

Google+ Now Has “Photos” Search Filter

imageGoogle+ has added a new filter to its search engine, “Photos”, allowing users to search for just photos using keywords.

There are now seven categorical options for filtering searches: Everything, People and Pages, Communities, Google+ posts, Hangouts, Photos and events.

To use the filter, users must first search for whatever they are looking for, then select “Photos” from the drop-down box.

Users will be able to see any photos shared publicly, or they can choose to view just the photos that they have uploaded themselves, photos which have been sent to them or photos from people in their circles.

Like Facebook, with its proposed news feed redesign, Google+ is becoming more and more image-focused. Google+’s recently updated profile pages, for example, feature enormous cover photos, which grab the viewers attention and take up almost the entirety of the screen.

In fact, Google+ has become a great forum for photographers, both amateur and professional, to share their work. Dave Cohen, the Google employee who announced the update on his Google+ page, suggested some great searches for photography enthusiasts:
- Long exposure:
- Steel wool:
- Cartoons:
The new Photos search filter should be available to all users.

Do you post many photos on Google+? Have you found any great photos using the new search filter?


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