Monday, 24 June 2013

Facebook Updates Comment Sorting, Adds Like Button To Messenger

Last week, Facebook made a number of small, yet significant, adjustments to comments, introducing the ability to post images as comments and allowing users to sort comments either chronologically or by popularity. Facebook has also added a Like Button to Facebook Messenger for mobile devices.

There is a drop down menu to the bottom right-hand corner of posts with multiple comments, just above the comments box, giving users the option to sort comments by ‘Recent Activity’, or to view the ‘Top Comments’.

Facebook updated comments earlier this year so that they could be viewed based on popularity and engagement. Giving users the option to switch between ‘Top Comments’ and ‘Recent Activity’ is the logical next step.

In related news, Facebook Messenger now has a ‘Like’ button, so users can agree with, or express their approval of, messages with a single tap. Facebook has essentially branded approval on the app, ensuring that the Facebook like will become the accepted shorthand, as opposed to ‘k’, ‘alright’ or any other shortened affirmative.

What do you think of the changes Facebook has made to comments?       


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