Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Twitter Improves Profile Editing

Twitter has made profile editing easier, allowing users to drag photos from their desktop and drop them directly in the header image or profile image slot.

Twitter engineer Patrick Ewing announced the update with a tweet, in which he embedded the explanatory video above. The video suggests that Twitter are pushing for all users to have a profile picture instead of the anonymous egg.

Users can edit all their profile information from the ‘Me’ tab by clicking the ‘Edit Profile’ button. Having selected a profile or header image, users can reposition them with the mouse within their respective frames.

Twitter’s changes improve site functionality, making creating and editing accounts easier and more intuitive. Also, with all the editing options available onsite, users will spend more time on Twitter as they won’t have to navigate away to select photos from rivals Facebook, Google and Instagram – sites ideal for searching out, uploading and storing photos.

There have also been reports that Twitter is testing a new conversation view, with a line through threads of mentions and replies.

What do you think of the new Twitter profile editing options?    


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