Monday, 28 October 2013

Website Traffic From Social Media Sites

No matter what products that you sell online, you need traffic to your website. Traffic is absolutely essential to the success of any online business owner (and website), and the more of it that you can get, the better. It's something that you will want to learn and master if you want to get a constant stream of new traffic coming through.

In today's lesson, I want to go over some of the free "social" traffic strategies that you can use to drive lots of visitors to your website. They are all easy if you actually use them, but if you don't attempt and use them, how will you get traffic to your site? Here's the first way to get traffic to your site socially:

1) Social marketing
Social marketing is a very popular technique for marketing online. A lot of people are getting great results from using Facebook advertising, and I'm confident that you can do the same - but not necessarily from Facebook. There is Pinterest, Instagram, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Google+. So you're not limited to the social sites that you can market on.

There's also "social bookmarking". Some of the major social bookmarking sites are Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious, and more. To ignore these sites and this strategy is to limit your overall income. So be sure to use them. Here's another way to drive traffic to your site:

2) Blog commenting
With blog commenting, all you're doing is responding to blog posts with a high quality response that has relevance to the blog post - and that can help people to solve a problem, or achieve a goal. There are tons of blogs online that you can do blog commenting on. Just make sure they're within your same niche.

You can find related blogs by visiting the blog directories online, or simply doing a simple Google search. I do this all the time in my business. But honestly, I find that by doing a simple Google search helps me to find some high quality blogs - faster than just by visiting a blog directory. Here's another way to get traffic to your site:

3) Podcasts
A podcast is simply an MP3 audio file that contains information on it. You can find most podcasts from the site called "iTunes" (it's owned by Apple). This is similar to video marketing, but in some ways it's much more effective. Unlike YouTube where you can display your website address at the bottom of your video... with Podcasts, you will have to repeat and re-state your website address throughout your podcasts. But this is a minor issue.

When you create podcasts, always use your own voice. Don't try to skimp through things by using a "text-to-speech" robot. The quality of such a device is incredibly horrible. It's unappealing, and will drive your podcast users somewhere else. So don't use the speech software - always use your own voice.

Take these 3 traffic tips and use them in your online business today. It will definitely be beneficial to you.

Good luck with getting traffic to your website today.

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