Friday, 13 December 2013

Facebook Campaign Ideas for Christmas

Ideas for Christmas, Campaign Ideas for Facebook
Our lives and times have changed a lot due to sharp turns in technology. For many of us it revolves around work, family and social life while others see it differently. However no matter which age group, social and ethnic background we belong to, we have always yearned for Christmas. Christmas is a beautiful tradition and it is difficult to not get caught up in the Christmas spirit. Thomas Jefferson termed “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as unalienable rights in the declaration of independence. Christmas is the right time to share the joy, happiness, love, peace and your pursuit of happiness with other people around you.

Christmas in Modern Times

Christmas has changed a lot with the advent of modern day technology. Television, Internet, E-commerce, smartphones, and social media have redefined many aspects of our lives. This festive event has also changed in some ways due to these technological advancements. Businesses and companies reach people differently on this occasion, but the spirit has always been an integral part of the message.
Social Media has become an integral part of any marketing campaign. People share their moments of happiness through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Businesses and companies are also trying to reach people through social media.
Facebook is way ahead of other social media platforms, in number of users and user engagement level. Almost everybody is using Facebook, including our grandmas. Facebook is very entertaining, at times informative, and the concept of sharing is always there. A well executed Facebook campaign can potentially give you a huge global audience. For businesses and companies, the goal is to have loyal customers following their Facebook Page. Christmas provides an opportunity to reach out to the consumers and let them know how important the season and the holiday spirit is to your brand.

Plan Ahead

The one thing about Facebook is that you cannot wait for an opportunity, because hype about anything can soon be overwhelmed by another incident.  Facebook is proving Andy Warhol correct, who famously coined the term “15 minutes of fame”. Every incident and event has a very short window of opportunity therefore planning ahead is always a good idea. To deliver the right message at the right time should be the priority.

Defining the Christmas Audience

Campaigns on social media must be very precise about target audience, as people show interest on their personal liking or disliking. Defining a Christmas target audience is not an easy task. A common misconception is that Christmas, Santa Claus and Christmas Carols are for kids. While it is correct that children are the ones who believe in Santa Claus, a quick look at the Christmas parties happening around the world will affirm that adults in-fact also enjoy all things Christmas as much as the kids, if not more. Make sure your brand messaging is correctly defined for your consumer.

It is the season of kindness and generosity

Christmas has always been a season of showing kindness and generosity. Your Facebook campaign for Christmas should capture this essence. If you are planning to give gifts to your Facebook fans through a contest, it must not create a sense of deprivation, it must be fair yet kind enough to give the fans another chance to participate if they don’t win at the first attempt. If you are just sharing a post or cover photo wishing a happy holiday season you may want to add a discount offer to it. No matter how meager your discount would be, it sends a message out that you are at least giving something back to your consumers.

Try not to sell anything

Your Facebook campaign for Christmas should not appear like a marketing message to your customers. The Facebook campaign must make sure that it portrays the true message of this festival. It is a time to share happiness, joy and peace, therefore the campaign must spread happiness in the air rather than the scent of cheap sales tactics.

Discount Vouchers and Gifts

To add more social value to your Facebook campaign for Christmas, discount vouchers and gifts may be a wonderful idea. Adding a small contest or a game to win gifts will be a tremendous way to approach and engage your Facebook fans. If you are offering discount vouchers, make sure that you do not limit your offer to a particular age or social group. You can add a game or contest which offers a higher percentage of discounts to winners. You can apply same for liking and sharing your Christmas post.


The Christmas spirit is unique and this festive event is something we look forward to all year long. Due to the fact that shopping for presents is ingrained in the holiday itself, there is always a boost in sales for most retail brands. While this may be a great opportunity for sales, the real opportunity here is the chance to create a lot of goodwill amongst your customers and convert them into loyal customers.


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