Sunday, 3 October 2010

Social Media Benefits

If your not using Social Media you should know that it is growing and growing quickly. What is Social Media? There are many social platforms the most popular are YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I know what you are thinking I don't have the time, I need to run my business. Did you know that women between 20 to 30 years of age check their Facebook daily? The number of people using Facebook to connect with friends and family is rising quickly.

Did you know that you can hire an Assistant and pay them to help? You can have them make sure that your ROI is within your budget? Generate exposure for your business - 85% of all business implementing a strategic Social Media Campaign have generated exposure for their business

Increase in traffic, optins and subscribers - More than half of companies have reported an increase in traffic due to getting social. By increasing traffic they were able to create more qualified leads.

Increased business partnerships - 56% of all companies created increased business partnerships because of social media

Rise in Search Engine Rankings - 54% saw a rise in their search engine rankings as a direct result of becoming active on the Social market

Qualified Lead Generation - 52% of the companies saw qualified leads increasing the opportunity for sales.

Helped to Sell Products and Services / Close Business - 48% of companies were able to determine that getting social increase their bottom line by selling more products. Getting social gave them a platform to discuss the benefits of current products, alert customers to new products and find out what their customers want.

Reduced My Overall Marketing Expenses - 48% reported a decrease of marketing expenses last year.

Find Out What the Competition is Doing - Social experts can help you figure out what your competition is doing. What is hot and what is not.

Getting Social will take time and effort to achieve results it is becoming more and more main stream. Companies like IBM, Pepsi to name a few have already jumped into Social Media Marketing. Budgets for getting social can be small at first and build as your ROI starts rolling in.

Need help with Social Media Marketing contact us. Remember the time spent on this type of marketing will not be wasted. Get out there and get social before you find yourself playing catch up with your competitors.

All statistics were taken from the 2010 Social Media Marketing Report.


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