Friday, 3 June 2011

5 Reasons To Get In On Facebook Commerce Now

Here are five reasons why now’s the time for Facebook commerce.

  1. Facebook is already a mall
  2. Users will start spending more time on business pages
  3. Your customers are on Facebook
  4. Facebook commerce can relevel the playing field for retailers
  5. Facebook Credits and Deals will make shopping convenient

However, there are hurdles to getting going with Facebook commerce, namely:

  1. The growth of platforms with the potential to host commerce is greater than just Facebook — no one should be assumed to be down for the count, especially the startup that’s still just a few notes on an iPad.
  2. Brands can effectively bring Facebook technology to their existing websites with satisfactory results; that may not change.
  3. As shopping becomes increasingly conducted on mobile devices, F-commerce appears to be even farther behind the pack than Facebook’s other mobile initiatives.


Mark said...

Sounds good to me, I am setting up new pages on Facebook everyday and certainly looks like FB can almost become it's own browser, with users never leaving FB for anything.

Paul Battrick said...

Great work Mili & Paul

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