Thursday, 8 March 2012

5 Facebook Tips For Business

When Facebook started gaining momentum, thanks to the increase in its number of users, the idea of connecting with people excited not only the members who gamely created profiles for themselves. Business owners began to see a huge potential that could change the landscape of buying and selling by readily reaching out to the more than 150 million users who are actively using the platform.

Businesses of any scale are now strategizing their approach towards using the strengths of Facebook in driving site traffic towards their respective pages. However, because of the grand scale that has to be dealt with, there is reason for businesses to get intimidated, causing a momentary standstill while weighing options. Below is a helpful list that will guide you through the basics so you can maximize your Facebook experience.

1. Start by creating a business profile which will serve as your official account. This is where users can send their inquiries through Facebook messaging/chat.

2. You can double the marketing presence by creating an official Facebook Page. This is quicker since users only need to hit the "Like" button to subscribe to your page and not wait for your confirmation to their friend request. Once you appear in the user's profiles, your updates will also appear on their news feeds. The more widespread the subscription is, the better the chances to go "viral," resulting to a boost in SEO rankings.

3. Gear up on promotions and special occasions by creating Facebook Events. If someone responds and accepts the invitation as a confirmation that he/she is going to the event, this update will be seen by those belonging in the network of the said person.

4. Update regularly. Just enough that your presence will be felt, but not too much that it will cause users to unsubscribe from your updates for the nuisance caused by spamming.

5. Do not create an account just for the sake of exposure. Remember that once your page is out there for the public to see, you have to interact with users by responding to questions and comments. Your page is their alternative to reaching you faster online with their concerns. You can filter them out according to relevance, but just don't miss the chance to talk to the people, because eventually they will become influencers.

These cited above are just some of the things you can start working on to widen your online network. However, it is best to understand first what you want and need, because the use of social media platforms also depends on the type of your business and the marketing strategies you want to focus on.

Moreover, these strategies may need to be altered and changed in accordance to changes to the platform, as they have done recently. This is why using us for consultancy and/or management is highly beneficial for your online presence to keep up with time. While users are either throwing fits or expressing appreciation over the recent changes in Facebook, your main goal is to adapt to permanent changes that the site will enforce for your business page and strategies to stay on top of its game.

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