Friday, 30 March 2012

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Fast

So you have a website and now you need to generate customers. What is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website for the best results? There are MANY ways to do that but the easiest and fastest way is to publish articles -- either through a blog or an article such as the one you are reading here.

First, understand that it is a numbers game. Simply put, whether you are an affiliate marketer with many quality items to offer fo different tastes, or offering a single product to a niche band of users, the more traffic you generate, the more sales you will make, period.

Two things are needed for article writing: keywords and writing skills. Keywords can be a complicated area but the short explanation is that keywords are what brought you to this page. If you punched in the search term "how to drive traffic to your website" into Google, you were brought almost directly to this page. "How to drive traffic to your website" is the keyword phrase. What you need to drive traffic to YOUR site is a program that will tell you HOW MUCH web traffic uses WHAT specific keywords, phrases, or search terms to locate YOUR specific product(s). Once you find which words or phrases generate the most activity, you can use those magic keywords to compose articles. That way, when someone searches for the keywords you've chosen to write about, they will read the article and ideally, be given a link to your site, where hopefully, they will like what they find. Many different keyword programs are offered through the internet and would give you the information you need.

If you do not consider yourself a writer, not to worry. You can outsource the articles. Many sites on the internet will offer a writing service. I would be sure that all articles are submitted to you before publication to make sure the articles are accurate and well written. In a short time, you should be well satisfied that the writers you use are competently composing articles the way YOU want them done.

If you have your own site that serves more of a niche marketplace, newsletters are an excellent additional way to drive traffic. Again, using keywords in your newsletter would be a powerful way to attract new visitors. Perhaps you would have one free newsletter with more general information and one for subscribers with more detail. A keyword program would help you find the more popular search terms so that YOUR writing would be listed first on the pages of Google.

Finally, don't labor under the misconception that if you have capital, you should not use article writing to generate traffic when there are so many other ways available. Don't forget; you are trying to leverage both time and money here and this is a VERY inexpensive way to drive massive amounts of web traffic your way. if you have the capital, outsource the article writing if you like, and move on to other areas of traffic generation. and market penetration

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