Monday, 2 April 2012

Pinterest Marketing - Get High Quality Traffic Super Fast

Businesses are beginning to realize the significant role Pinterest marketing can play in getting high quality traffic and more exposure for their products quickly. There was a bit of skepticism if Pinterest would manage to generate enough buzz online or fall into the category of social networking sites puffing up and then fizzing out.

It's now safe to conclude that Pinterest could perhaps go on to play a more influential role for businesses than what Facebook or Twitter may have had. Having said that Pinterest marketing should not be an alternate promotional strategy but a mandatory one!

So, how do you get high quality traffic fast using Pinterest marketing?

Start by figuring out what you intend to promote. It's important must understand the difference between Pinterest and other social networking sites to craft this idea. Twitter has a restriction on the content you can post and although there are text extenders and links that can be inculcated in a tweet, the basic concept of making short posts work well as the platform is for updates. You can tweet about an update for a product or tweet about some related news.

With Pinterest, the marketing strategy can get highly diverse. It can be product centric, customer centric, innovation centric and several other types. What Pinterest offers is also not a feature that can be enjoyed on Facebook. For example, the idea of following people you would want to notify about your business and content. You can create a Facebook page and that would be available for people to like, comment or provide other feedback but you can't reach out further than that to get more targeted traffic.

Pinterest marketing gives you the opportunity to take your pin boards and pins across to all the people you want to. That way you get targeted traffic, not to mention the traffic is also extremely high quality traffic that generates sales. A fashion wear brand would definitely reap more benefits if the followers of their pins and boards are concerned about fashion and not just a random like from anyone.

Pinterest marketing should not be juxtaposed with Twitter and Facebook marketing strategies. The platforms are different. Pinterest calls for a more specific approach. Do not just create a page for your business. Instead focus on a specific topic. For example, a mobile manufacturer may want to create a board for a specific mobile phone model and put up interesting pins for the viewers to share with interest. That's how you can get high quality traffic fast and easy!

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