Friday, 23 March 2012

Top 5 Twitter Tips On How Businesses Can Build Their Twitter Page and Get More Followers

With close to over 500 million users, Twitter is a great platform for connecting with friends, families, celebrities, and businesses. With having so many people part of one giant community, Twitter is the perfect place for any business to connect with current and potential customers. By putting the time and effort (or paying a marketing firm to do it), you can leverage the full power of Twitter to help increase your followers and to help make sure your current followers stay as followers!

Implementing these tips on your Twitter page will help you get your company's Twitter account off to a great start:

Claim Your Twitter Name and Page

Just as you did with your website, you will want to find a Twitter name that is relevant to your company or industry. The longer you put this off means less of a chance of claiming the name you actually want, especially if it's in a very popular industry or field. There are 500 million Twitter users out there, so claim your name while you can!

Fill Out Your Profile and Bio - COMPLETELY

This is one of the biggest mistakes we see many users and companies come into. They setup their Twitter account but don't bother filling out the profile part. You are a real person and your company is real, so you need to make sure your customers see that, and the best way to start is by providing as much information as you can about you and your company. Change the profile picture to something relevant! We typically suggest your logo, a picture of the store front, a picture of your product, etc.

Create a Custom Background

Another feature about Twitter that many newcomers don't take advantage of right off the bat is making use of a custom background. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, creating a custom background which reflects your company is the perfect thing to do. You can use the Twitter background to promote products, services, or just give some information.

Follow People and Companies With The Same Interest

Twitter is all about following. And aside from following your friends, family, employees, and co-workers, the next best people to follow are those in your industry or have the same interest. Doing so will show your follower's that you're active in your industry and that you're not just there to promote your business, but to also network with others and get the latest industry news and information

Post Relevant Content

Sure, it's easy to post that you're standing in line at Starbucks to get a coffee or that you found some new shoes on clearance at Target, but you have to remember that your followers are following you for a reason, and you want to continue to give them reasons for following you! Posting random thoughts and actions is fine in small doses, but the amount of relevant information about your market, industry, or business, needs to far outweigh your tweets about what's on TV or what you had for lunch (unless of course, that is what you are focusing on). You definitely don't want every tweet to be strictly about business, as throwing in random tweets about what you're doing does give your Twitter page some personality, but don't over do it!

Getting involved in the world of Twitter can give any business a great advantage. From branding your company and its products to keeping in touch with customers, Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly. Following our 5 tips mentioned above will help get your company's Twitter page started on the right foot!

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raytrigg15 said...

Nice post. I'm with you when it comes to promoting Twitter for business. Some say it's just a waste of time but they for businessmen, this is an opportunity to promote and get their products or services known.

Ray Trigg
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Mili and Paul said...

Thanks Ray for visiting us and thank you for your comment, many Business owners do not see yet what they are missing in terms of traffic, brand awareness and so much that social media can bring them.

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