Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Using Video Marketing To Get Traffic Back To Your Website

When it comes to promoting your website online, one of the greatest techniques that you can use is video marketing. Sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and Metacafe are excellent ways to distribute your videos online simply and easily. And you should know that this 1 traffic source can bring you endless amounts of views and traffic back to your website.

Now to get started, you have to take action. The first thing that you need to do is to get off the couch and start uploading videos. Many people don't even want to take this first step. Instead, they'd rather wait, and wait some more before waiting to start uploading videos to the video sites.

Now if you don't want to submit to all of the video sites, then you might as well start with uploading to YouTube. Your video file may be so large that the only site that you will have time for is YouTube. But uploading to YouTube can do so many wonders for your internet business, that it's just a very smart thing to do.

There are some people who can upload a personal video and then immediately get around 3,000 video views within one week. There are a lot of things that these people do to get this much views to their videos. And on the flip side of this, there are a lot of shady practices that people like to use to artificially increase their video views.

You should know that getting fake views will do nothing for your marketing efforts. You will lose money in the process, and if you can generate hits to a brand new video... what makes you think that you will generate lots of hits after you pay for the fake views? This is something that you seriously need to stay away from.

Now a lot of the videos that you see on YouTube are music videos. These videos can easily amass around 500,000 to 5,000,000 views within a short period of time. This just goes to show you that some niches and some topics just don't do well on YouTube. It's like trying to sell a bracelet on eBay as opposed to selling a PlayStation 3. Obviously the PlayStation 3 will sell instantly, but your bracelet sales will be low.

And this same idea exists with video marketing. Music videos will gather the most hits, and your niche video will generate only around a few hundred to a few thousand hits... something that you definitely can't retire on. Yet I must admit, you can still get a lot of clicks back to your website if you market your videos correctly.

Video marketing is something that you will want to add into your repertoire if you want to have the utmost success in your online business. Stick to YouTube, and you will find that it's quite easy to get video views, and clicks back to your website from YouTube. Then after that, all you will want to do is create more new videos, and continue to get more new hits.

Good luck with having success with marketing on YouTube.

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