Monday, 29 April 2013

Facebook Studio Announces Creative Campaign Award Winners

Facebook Awards

Facebook Studio has announced the winners of its 2013 creative campaign awards, with two agencies, Draftfcb and 360i, taking away the coveted Blue award for their work on Oreo’s Daily Twist campaign. Campaigns for Nike, AT&T and Newcastle Brown Ale were also among the winners.

To celebrate the cookie’s 100th birthday, Oreo ran the Oreo Daily Twist campaign. Every day for 100 days, Oreo posted a different sharable image on Facebook. Each image put an Oreo-themed twist on whatever significant occasion was being celebrated that day. For example, on August 3rd last year, an Oreo cookie with tyre tracks through its red-tinted cream was posted to celebrate the successful landing of the Mars Rover.

The campaign, which relied mostly on fan interaction to increase Oreo’s popularity, proved to be a great success. During the 100 day campaign, Oreo gained around 1 million new Facebook fans. The campaign itself caused a 195% increase in Facebook interactions, with 1.3 million shares, likes and comments registered. Each of the posts was shared approximately 1,472 times.

The other campaigns either earned a Gold, a Silver or a Bronze award. The campaigns that won a Gold award were A Little Village goes Global, Dallas on TNT, Mayhem 2012, Nike Academy and AT&T’s You’ve Got a Case. To see all the winners, go to the Facebook Studio.

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