Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Facebook Admins Can Now Create Unpublished Posts On Their Page

ezeesocial composeFacebook administrators now have the option to create unpublished posts in the compose box on their page, instead of having to create them using Facebook’s Power Editor or the ads API.

Unpublished posts are hidden from the news feeds of a page’s fans. Instead, administrators can target specific groups of fans with unpublished posts by promoting them using adverts.

To create an unpublished post on their page, administrators first have to click on the tiny clock symbol to the bottom left of the status box. An option to “+ Add year” will then appear – an option administrators should take. After an admin has selected a year, a tick box will appear beneath, ticking this box will allow them to “Hide [the post] from [their fans’] news feed”.

With unpublished posts, administrators can experiment with different targeting options without inundating their fans’ news feeds with unwanted content. In fact, by targeting certain users with posts, based on their interests, brand loyalty, age, gender and location, page administrators can ensure more engagement with the content they create.

For example, a cinema chain could create an unpublished post to advertise a new horror film to fans of horror, then create a different one to promote an action film in the news feeds of action film fans, or a car company could advertise a people carrier to a family man, then advertise a roadster to a bachelor.

When news feed unpublished posts were introduced to the Power Editor and the ads API earlier this year, Facebook PMD AdParlor, who had been experimenting with unpublished posts, released some revelatory results. In one of AdParlor’s campaigns, the average click-through rate of unpublished post ads was 57% higher than that of organic post ads, while the cost per sign up was $0.65 less.

Although the new unpublished posts tick box is a bit hard to find, it makes unpublished posts more accessible and simpler to create.

Have you used unpublished posts to promote your business’ Facebook page? Do they work?       


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