Monday, 20 May 2013

Pinterest Now Lets Users Send Pins On-Site

Pinners can now send individual pins to their friends on-site as long as they both follow each other – before, pins had to be sent via email. Pins can be sent on both desktop and mobile devices, to both desktop and mobile devices.

To send a pin to a friend, follower or family member, users just have to click the “Send” button on the bottom right of a pin box. A screen will then pop up with a search bar and a short list of suggested recipients based on the people the user has most recently sent pins to.

Users can include a special message with any pin they send to their friends in order to – as software engineer Sunny Rochiramani puts it in the announcement post – “give it a more personal touch”. Pins can still be sent to Facebook friends or via email if the intended recipient is not on Pinterest, or either party doesn’t follow the other.

Pin recipients are notified if they are sent a pin. If they repin, like or comment on any pin they receive, the sender receives a notifcation also. The update is small, but it shows not only that Pinterest’s engineers are aware of their customers’ frustrations with the service, but also that they are willing to address these frustrations, however small, to make Pinterest more user-friendly.

Pinterest will be rolling the feature out over the next few weeks.

Have you sent any pins to your friends? Has it become easier?       


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