Wednesday, 8 May 2013

SeeItShopIt, The First Ever Interactive Facebook Shop

Modern communications agency network Isobar has launched SeeItShopIt, the first ever interactive shop within the Facebook news feed. UK-based clothing retailer Littlewoods has become the first brand to use the SeeItShopIt interactive catalogue feature on their Facebook page to advertise Myleene Klass’ new summer swimwear collection.

A post announcing the launch of the swimwear range appeared on the Littlewoods Facebook page late last month, as well as on the news feeds of Littlewoods’ fans. The post, which utilised SeeItShopIt, appears at first glance to be a video post, with a static image overlaid by a play triangle symbol.

Clicking on the play symbol opens up an interactive catalogue consisting of three columns. The first column shows all the items in the swimsuit range in a down-scrolling photo gallery. hovering the mouse at the bottom or the top of this column will make it scroll downwards or upwards respectively. Clicking on an image will open it into the middle column, which shows a larger version of whichever item has been selected.

Clicking on the middle column will enlarge the product image so that it spreads across all three columns. Again, hovering the mouse at the top and bottom of the image will scroll it – the image is fitted width-ways, so is too tall for the original box. The third and final column on the right contains a description of the product, a price, and a share button. Beside the share button is a link to the product page on the Littlewoods site.

Gary Williams, Littlewoods retail director, explained the company’s choice to use the new tool:

Littlewoods always looks to be leading customer experiences, whether online or offline. The SeeItShopIt tool gives us the ability to deliver a new way for our Facebook fans to connect with our products. For the first time, users can share individual items, browse through collections and navigate straight to product pages via the Facebook news feed. If Littlewoods successfully monetises their Facebook page using SeeItShopIt, earning revenue from their Facebook fan base directly on the site, then other brands will follow suit.

According to Isobar’s CTO, Rick Williams:

We created SeeItShopIt to deliver an interactive shopping experience directly within Facebook‚s news feed, where users spend most of their time. The tool will allow any brand with a broad product portfolio to monetise their Facebook fan base by providing a seamless shopping experience.

 Have you had a look at SeeItShopIt on the Littlewoods Facebook page? What do you think?    


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