Friday, 3 May 2013

70% Of Brand Engagement On Pinterest User-Driven, Study Reveals

imageA recent study conducted by “Digitas, the top integrated global brand agency, and Curalate, the only marketing and analytics suite forPinterest and Instagram”, has revealed some startling Pinterest engagement statistics, the most surprising of which is that 70% of brand engagement on Pinterest is apparently generated by users, compared to only 30% by brands.
Over the course of a month, between March 15th and April 15th, Curalate collated and analysed “almost 10 million pins, repins, comments, likes, and keywords” from more than 120 automotive, electronics, and fashion/retail brands. Researchers then determined which pins were “Top Images” based on the number of times they had been pinned and repinned.

Top brands within the fashion/retail industry are the most successful at driving engagement on Pinterest, with their pins getting an average of 46 repins from the active Pinterest community. Average users who pin fashion/retail images, on the other hand, are getting around 6 repins. This stat is even more surprising when you consider that 82% of the fashion/retail images on Pinterest are pinned by the community.

A similar percentage, 75%, of automotive images are pinned by the community. However, vehicle brands are only averaging a measly 3 repins on every pin, compared to the 10 repins the community is getting. The study puts this deficit down to the fact that most automotive websites use Flash, making it difficult for the community to pin content. This, however, doesn’t explain why the images they are managing to pin are getting such low engagement figures. Apu Gulpta, Curalate’s CEO, encourages car manufacturers to work on their Pinterest strategy:

Aspirational products such as cars should do well on Pinterest. It's unfortunate to see the auto industry stuck in first gear. The industry needs to leverage the heritage of their brands to tell compelling visual stories that create emotional connections with consumers. Additionally, while automotive websites may not discard Flash anytime soon, some straightforward changes make these sites shareable, now.

In the electronics industry, roughly the same amount of pins are generated by brands as those generated by the community, with a 47/53 percentage split. User-generated pins are still getting the most engagement, however, receiving an average of 14 repins compared to the average 5 repins brand pins are getting. At the time of the study, the digital health trend was in full flow, with many pinners talking about calorie tracking devices.

The study has also revealed the best days and times for each industry to pin, referring to companies in the Eastern Time zone: for fashion/retail companies the best time is 3:00PM while the best day is Friday; for automotive companies the best time is 12:00PM while, again, the best day is Friday; for electronics companies the best time is 10PM while the best day is Monday. Digitas’ Senior VP of Social, Mobile and Content Lead, Jordan Bitterman, extols Pinterest in his closing comments:

Brands need to go forth and pin. This study reveals the opportunity for brands to drive the conversation on visual platforms like Pinterest. By leveraging rich consumer insight, brands can take the guess-work out of their visual content strategy, and share the types of images their audience wants to see.

Of course, the findings of this study aren’t definite, but the study’s methodology was extremely concise and complete, taking into account 10 million individual examples of activity on Pinterest. Hopefully, someone will reveal the best times to pin outside the Eastern Time zone soon.

Do you agree with the findings of this study? How do you think automotive brands can increase engagement on Pinterest?


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