Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Facebook Is Asking You To Rate Your Friendships

is asking users to rate their friendships in order to improve the content they see in the news feed.
A questionnaire appears on the right-hand side of the user’s homepage, it asks, “how well do you knowfriend’s name”, giving five options:
  1. One of my best friends
  2. I know him well
  3. We sometimes meet
  4. An acquaintance
  5. I don’t know him
Facebook then promises that the answer will remain private (don’t worry, the questionnaire is not a sign that Mark Zuckerberg is retrograding Facebook into Facemash), and that it will help the company to show users “more interesting updates”.
The news feed ranks content based on the
EdgeRank algorithm, which takes into account who posted the content, when the content was posted and the interaction the content has already received.

The questionnaire will presumably help Facebook to better qualify the “Affinity” of the content, i.e. how close a relationship the user has with the person or brand who posted the content, and hence show content which is of more value to the user in the news feed.

It is unclear whether or not the answers to the questionnaire will change the content displayed in news feed immediately, or, rather, they will be used to instruct the
new news feed, which was announced in March.

Have you been asked to rate your friendships by Facebook?


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