Friday, 14 June 2013

Social Media Promotions Of The Week: 14/06/13

This week’s SMPW is all about fan interaction, with all five brands featured thinking of novel approaches to engage their fans. Here are the five:

1. BurberryBurberry Kisses

High street fashion retailer Burberry has teamed up with Google to create Burberry Kisses: a campaign which allows fans of the brand to send their loved ones messages sealed with a digitised imprint of their kiss.

To seal their message, fans just have to either kiss their touchscreen device when prompted or pucker up for the webcam. Users can even choose their lipstick colour.

Burberry has set up a special site to send the sealed messages, with a map which displays all the messages being sent in real-time. The messages are sent using Gmail and they can be +1’d on Google+.

2. Skittles – Figurines

Skittles has released a new interactive viral video entitled figurines, which gives fans the choice of which figurine to smash next.

Each figurine has its very own video, which will be shown when selected.

The video has over 25,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

3. VanishVanish Tip Exchange

Detergent brand Vanish is inviting its fans to send in videos with helpful tips on how to get rid of tough stains.

There are 38 tip exchange videos on Vanish’s YouTube channel, some with over two thousand views.

The Vanish Tip Exchange app on Facebook asks visitors if they have a tip or a stain, then the community helps or appreciates accordingly.

4. Cow & GateDance Dance Baby

Cow & Gate are looking for the next generation of dancers to star in their Dance Dance Baby advert.

The baby care company’s Facebook fans can upload a video of their child dancing onto a specially created app page. The dancing stars have to be between 9 months and 3 years old. The uploaded videos have been posted onto a gallery page.

The best dancers will feature in Cow & Gate’s upcoming advert.

5. JELL-OJigglevision

American confectionery company JELL-O has created Jigglevision. Jigglevision allows you to write, hide and send secret messages on Facebook.

To read the message, the recipient has to hold a pot of red JELL-O over it. The JELL-O makes the message instantly visible.

Although Jigglevision is accessible via a Facebook app, it can be shared on Twitter or via email as well as onsite.

Which is your favourite SMPW this week?


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